In a world where technology is evolving, new ways of doing things are constantly being discovered. And fashion is not an exception either. Wrap skirts are one of the most ingenious designs the fashion industry was able to come up with. By merging culture, tradition and modern styles, Magic Wrap Skirts became one of the most in demand fashion staples when it came to skirts.

Magic wrap skirts are very versatile, chic and convertible. It can be worn with anything. It adds variety and texture to your outfits. You can come up with different styles of your own, by simply wrapping the skirt any way you like. Wrap skirts are perfect for DIY enthusiasts and fashion lovers who value personalizing their fashion pieces. As seen all over the Las Vegas, Iris Impressions are the queens of convertible fashion. Each piece is essentially a magic wrap skirt, but they can categorized even further. Let’s look at the history of the magic wrap skirt:

It started with the Indian Sari Skirt

The Indian Sari skirt is a cultural icon for the women of India. It is seen in their daily lives, from common day to day activities, festivals and weddings. It is part of their story. The Indian Sari Skirt is woven with such careful and precision that the resulting dress is one with exquisite designs. The colors and the prints of the Sari skirt reflect the rich culture and history of India. That’s why it’s no surprise that tourist who visit India buys a Sari skirt for themselves. Aside from being great souvenirs, you can actually wear it to make a fashion statement. In fact, the designs and uniqueness of an Indian Sari skirt caught the attention of fashion designers that they incorporated it into their designs, including Iris Impressions. You can see Sari inspired dresses and gowns on the runway. You can also see modernized Indian Sari skirts as wedding gowns or evening wear.

An Indian Sari skirt comes in different designs. Some are laden with intricate beadings or embroidered with leaf, flower and animal designs. Some are dyed with different colors or made up of silk and different colored fabrics. The way the sari skirt drapes over the body is very elegant to look at it. It flows like a cascading waterfall that gives a unique touch to the dress. A sari skirt can be tied multiple ways and creates interesting knots and designs. The varying colors and details of a Sari skirt make it unique from other traditional costumes from different countries. These details inspired fashion designers to come up with a modernized or Sari inspired look for their collections. Aside from that, there are evening gowns that use the ties, and drape designs of a sari skirt.  Indian Sari Skirts make a fashion statement that is not only unique but also exquisite. With the countless designs of Indian sari skirts, there’s always a sari that you could love.

Enter: The 100 Ways to Style Dress

Iris Impressions has a video on their various convertible dresses and skirts, as well as how you can wear them:

The 100 Ways to Style clothing combines a multitude of different looks and adds the ability to style them in many different ways (hence: magic wrap skirt). Last week we featured one of the many different ways you could wear the dress:

Magic Wrap Skirt

For more looks, checkout their gallery.


The Infinity Skirt

An infinity skirt is a type of magic wrap skirt, essentially a wrap skirt and a convertible dress combined. Like a wrap skirt, an infinity skirt is another creative but functional fashion statement. Like a convertible dress, it enables you to get in touch with your creative side and come up with different styles and ways to wear an infinity dress. Infinity skirts can be worn multiple ways—a maxi skirt, midi skirt, bubble skirt or even a dress. That’s why it is listed as one of the fashion must haves when traveling. An infinity skirt can save space in your luggage bag but can be maximized by wearing it in different ways while on vacation.

Infinity skirts are usually made from cotton, lace or sheer fabric. It’s lightweight, stretchable and can be easily folded, twisted, tied and tucked any way you like. It can be paired withy any top from your closet. Depending on the clothes you wear it with, your look can go from casual to formal, to quirky and festive. One of the most popular use of an infinity skirt is pairing it with a simple top and a vest or cardigan then wearing the infinity skirt as a maxi skirt or you can simply wear it as a dress, pair with a cover up and accessorize.

How do you wear a magic wrap skirt?

Wrap skirts are very easy to wear. The 100 ways to style clothing can be broken down into three basic steps to follow when using a wrap skirt for the first time. Once you’ve gotten the hang of wearing wrap skirts, you can expand these steps. The three steps are:

  1. Wear – to wear a magic wrap skirt, simply hold the wrap behind, in front or the sides of your waist;
  2. Wrap – pull one side of the skirt and wrap it around your waist in any way you like. This will create different fold or styles of the wrap skirt;
  3. Tuck—to hold the skirt in place, tuck or tie the ends at the back. If you’re not comfortable with the way you tied it, secure in place with safety pins.

Now that you know what a wrap skirt is and how to use it, here are some ways of wearing or styling a wrap skirt:

Wrap Skirt + Long Sleeves

Wrap skirts go well with long sleeved tops—sweater, pull overs, cardigans and blouses. The difference in the length and texture adds detail to a simple outfit. The contrast of the colors and prints in the top and the skirt is interesting to look at. The resulting look is very casual, one that you could actually wear even to work.

Wrap Skirt + Layering

Wrap skirts can be worn even when the cold temperature strikes. By layering your clothes, you can wear your wrap skirt. At the same time, the layer adds variety of styles, colors, prints, length and texture, keeping your look interesting. Be careful though, too much layering can lead to clashing of the clothes, which can be distracting and confusing. Make sure that your clothes match each other well.

Wrap Skirts + Shirts

Wrap skirts and simple shirts go well together. The resulting look is very casual, comfortable. It’s perfect for those who prefer comfort over style. You can enjoy a day with your girlfriends without worrying about your appearance.

As you can see, the magic wrap skirt is something to keep your eye on – check them out at Fashion Show Mall, the Premium Outlets or just head to their website –

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