Now known as one of the premier shoe designers in the world, the French-born fashionisto Christian Louboutin (b. 1963) began his dreams of sartorial domination as a teenager. After being expelled from school at the age of 16, the young Louboutin began interning under the tutelage of prominent shoe designer Charles Jourdan a couple of years later. In the early 90s, Louboutin struck out on his own, launching his definitive line of women’s shoes, including his trademark red soles in 1993. In 2004, the designer further expanded into the women’s market with handbags and then to a men’s shoe line in 2011. throughout the years, he has received accolades within the industry and a dedication from consumers that is unrivaled in the shoe world. His shoe collections are currently one of the most popular in the world, already a pop-culture reference point that has been featured in movies, television, and music internationally. For Christian Louboutin, it is the culmination of a career that has taken him from the obscure to the premier in atypical fashion.

 Red Shoe Diaries – The Transformation and Trademark Du Jour

In the 90s, after being in business for only two years, Louboutin was inspired by one of pop art icon Andy Warhol’s pieces entitled ‘Flowers’, which featured a heel that sported a pink cloth bottom. From there, the idea was born and there was no turning back. With an assistant by his side that coincidentally was painting her nails red, Louboutin took her  polish  and slathered it onto a prototype shoe and from that moment on, the now trademarked look has become synonymous with the brand and the man himself. Now, anyone walking the streets nearly anywhere in the worldknows that when they see a red sole, Louboutin is the designer and the woman in question has invested serious cash in her shoe game.

What Drives Women to Louboutin Madness?

This is one of the most intriguing questions that has been placed in fashion circles over the past decade as more and more women seek to add his shoes to their wardrobe. Louboutin’s shoes are not cheap and for women that want them, a certain amount of sacrifice is necessary. With so many factors determining who can even purchase his shoes, Louboutin has continued to expand even further as word of mouth continues. The interest could be attributed to the marketplace and social media and the perfect product placement. From Sex & The City to Jennifer Lopez’s homage to the shoes with her single ‘Louboutin’  to countless starlets lifting their feet up to show off their pair, the shoes have reached the echelons of where only a select few footwear designers reach. Now just as firmly entrenched into the same stratosphere as Manolo Blahniks, the trend for women to have at least a few pairs of Christian Louboutin in their arsenal has become a fact of life for most concrete jungle fashionistas. Christian Louboutin shoes are not only glamorous, leg-lengthening, and coveted by the masses, but they also make a statement – a powerful one that women worldwide have come to note and respect.